Capacity Injection Modality (CIM)

The development objective of the Capacity Injection Project for Somalia is to strengthen the staffing and institutional capacity of selected line ministries and central agencies to perform core government functions. The project comprises of four components. The first component, developing capacity for key cross-cutting government functions will support the injection of core staffing capacity into key government ministries, departments, and agencies through the government’s capacity injection modality (CIM). It consists of following sub-components:

(i) Supporting harmonized and government-led capacity injection in priority institutions; and

(ii) Providing specialized training and coaching support for new recruits and their teams.

The second component, strengthening the policies and procedures for civil service management seeks to facilitate solutions of the Federal Government and Puntland State of Somalia to manage and implement their civil service and capacity development agenda. It consists of following sub-components:

(i) Supporting priority ministries in re-organization and change management;

(ii) Strengthening basic policies for civil service management;

(iii) Civil service work force management; and

(iv) Strengthening the ethical foundation of the civil service.

The third component, strengthening policy management, coordination, and monitoring capabilities at the center of government seeks to significantly improve their ability to develop policies and oversee policy and program implementation at the Cabinet level. It consists of following sub-components:

(i) Strengthening capacity for aid coordination and monitoring and evaluation of the Somali compact;

(ii) Developing basic policy management capabilities; and

(iii) Strengthening leadership for change and delivery. The fourth component, project management and coordination will support the management, coordination