NCSC Functions

A focus on reviewing and modernizing the legal and regulatory framework is critical to effective civil service management. Under Article 7 of Law No. 11 (05-12-2006), the NCSC is appointed as the recruitment lead, where recruitment is open to all natural citizens.
The functions of National Civil Service Commission are the following:
a) The Commission is independent for the performance of its functions and internal Administration;
b) The Commission has set up and constituted its legal and/or internal Regulations;
c) It recruits the Civil Servants of the Federal Government and of the Regional State Administrations;
d) It promotes Government permanent and temporary workers;
e) It exercises disciplinary penalty upon Civil Servants of the Federal Government as well as those of the Regular State Administrations;
f) It handles the termination and retirement of Civil Servants of the Federal Government and the Regular State Administrations;
g) It is in charge of observing the rights of the Civil Servants following the relevant law(s) issued;
h) It is in charge of the registration and preservation of the documents related to the Civil Servants of the Government;
i) As the result of the provisions stated the above, the Member can be deprived of his/her title of post responsibility through the procedural system by which he/she was taken and nominated previously for the post, excluding that of the parliament; and,
j) Setting up of the examinations for the Civil Servants of the Government.